Reflexology offers numerous benefits, from stress relief to improved circulation. The techniques used in this practice are used for a variety of different purposes and may benefit you in surprising ways.

What is Reflexology?
There are many important facts to recognize regarding reflexology. The technique used in this practice encompasses applying pressure to the feet sans oil or lotion. It is based on a system of zones or ‘reflex points’. A reflex is actually a reflection of an organ or body system located at a specific region on the foot or hand.

Reflexology is a focused pressure technique that became a growing trend in the USA in early 20th century. This is a system of massage which is focused on relieving tension and treating illness. It works quite effectively to do so, especially with continued sessions.

Benefits of Reflexology
Reflexology is a non-invasive, holistic therapy that complements all forms of medicine and alternative therapies. We can view the body as a finely tuned instrument and if everything is functioning properly the body remains in a healthy well-balanced state. However, if certain organs or body systems are not functioning properly the body will feel unbalanced and disease may occur.

Reflexology can help to bring the body back into balance by helping to reduce stress, improve circulation and boost lymphatic function. There are thousands of nerve endings in the feet and these are interconnected to other body systems via the spinal cord and brain.

During a foot reflexology session, the practitioner incorporates gentle stretching techniques to relax and loosen the foot and then works the entire body systems using their thumb and fingers, gently massaging over each reflex area to stimulate the point. By stimulating the reflex, the aim is to improve energy circulation and blood flow to the organ or body system represented on the foot.

This process also assists in providing the body with a gentle, yet effective detoxification. Sessions are usually one hour in duration. Following treatment, clients usually comment that their feet feel lighter and freer. With our hands and feet working overtime on a daily basis it makes sense to provide them with a little TLC.

The benefits of Reflexology are now becoming more widely known within the community. For people with diabetes, who have had a stroke, are experiencing difficulties with menopausal symptoms, or any circulatory issues may find reflexology beneficial. It can assist in helping to improve a variety of conditions. Whereas one visit will provide the client with a general feeling of relaxation, it is recommended that the client allow at least 3-6 visits to fully assess the effects reflexology has on their condition.

Reflexology is not a painful process; the techniques are gentle and easy to perform. But the benefits of reflexology are astounding; many people are amazed at the health and well-being they experience from using reflexology on a regular basis.