A hot towel shave may look like an extraordinary experience to a few or it may be weekly routine for others. For some, its just the image you have of a barbershop yet don’t generally know why or how it works. There are a lot of great advantages to a hot towel shave that has this old trend rising in popularity again.

  • It opens up your pores.
    Before starting the whole shaving proves, the towels are usually kept in a heated cabinet that has a desirable temperature – not too hot, but just right. At the point when the towel is set on the face before shaving, the pores start opening just after a couple of minutes. It additionally softens and relaxes the facial hairs. Both the opening of the pores and hair relaxation makes shaving a more effective and a simple and quick task.
  • Exfoliation.
    In addition to expelling your whiskers, the hot towel shave is additionally an exfoliating treatment. It is important to get rid of all the dead skin cells to get a fresh and clear looking skin. The ultra-sharp blades of the straight razor used during the hot towel shave evacuate the dead skin cells up to four layers with each pass. Making a hot towel shave a weekly routine is the perfect solution to ridding yourself of unwanted facial hairs while maintaining healthier skin.
  • Expels ingrown hairs.
    Another advantage to this sort of grooming is the expulsion of ingrown hairs. Amid the straight razor shave, ingrown hairs are pulled out and are less likely to return than with a traditional 4- or 5-blade home razor.
  • It gives a closer shave.
    Shaving towards the direction of the grain is pleasant and it gives a closer and a more perfect shave. This is a decent method to get a closer shave than utilizing bunch cream that you apply and scrap away. In the wake of shaving, take a look in the mirror to perceive how sound and stunning your skin looks. Touch it and feel how it is soft and delicate to the touch.
  • Resistant to razor burn.
    A hot towel shave with a straight razor encourages a man’s skin to develop protection from itching or burning as well as bumps that regularly show up after a shave.