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Benefits Of A Facial Roller

Face rollers have been trending of late and you may have seen them displayed on Insta or heard from a friend who was raving about hers. If you haven’t seen or heard of them, these devices resemble a small rolling pin fixed to a handle. The “rolling pin” is usually made of jade but can also be commonly found in rose quartz and are marketed to provide skin benefits when rolled across the face for a few minutes per day.

This may have you wondering, “What good does that do?” or “Do those even work?” Well, read on to see just what a roller can do for your face.

When and How to Use a Face Roller

Face rollers are safe to use daily and for optimal results daily usage is recommended—and it only requires just a few minutes of your time! Based on a 2018 study published by ScienceDirect, using a roller for just 5 minutes is all it takes to see vascular improvement on your face.

To use a facial roller, we recommend applying a facial moisturizer or oil to provide lubrication for a smooth glide of the roller over your skin. Excessive pulling or tugging at the skin can be counterintuitive and could contribute to fine lines and wrinkles.

  1. Start at your neck and roll upward in one motion, lift, and start back at the base of the neck and mimic the same roll. Avoid rolling back and forth—we want to direct the pressure in a single direction.
  2. Choose a side of your face and start at your jawline. Roll up and at an angle—up to the cheekbone and diagonally towards the ear. Then switch to the other side of your face.
  3. Roll under your eyes towards your ears.
  4. Roll from the tip of your nose towards your hairline. Then roll the left side of your forehead from the center to the temples. Repeat on the right.
  5. Roll over your eyebrows horizontally—and now you are all set!

Benefits of a Face Roller

The simple act of rolling a rose quartz or jade facial roller over the skin can have significant benefits like reduced stress and tension—much like a relaxation massage! Other benefits can include:

  • Increased Circulation. Facial rollers stimulate blood flow to your skin cells which can help carry away toxins, brighten your skin tone, and help your skin feel firmer.
  • Reduce Puffiness. Rolling and massaging your face simulates lymphatic drainage which can help minimize puffiness.
  • Soothes Skin. Jade rollers are naturally cool to the touch (or you can store your rose quartz roller in the fridge). This coolness transfers to your skin, tightening pores and aiding in reducing inflammation or puffiness.
  • Improve Mood. Because it is a lot like a facial massage, many report feeling more relaxed. Enhance this benefit by setting a spa like scene at home—quite or ambient music and lighting with some lavender aromatherapy.
  • Eliminate Toxins. The stimulation of lymphatic draining helps to remove toxins from the body as the roller massages them from the cells.

It is never too late to start making beneficial choices for the health of your skin and your body. Daily massages to your face can serve many benefits and take up only a little of your time, so why not give a facial roller a try?

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