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Bamboo Fusion Massage: Can This Holistic Treatment Reduce Cellulite?

Bamboo Fusion Massage is a therapeutic massage technique that encompasses the use of a bamboo stalk during a deep tissue massage. Some of the reported benefits of a bamboo fusion massage—aside from the general relaxation and relief of muscle tension—includes the reduction of cellulite.

How Bamboo Fusion Massage Targets Cellulite

Cellulite more commonly affects women than men. Signs of cellulite include uneven or “lumpy” skin on or around the hips, thighs, and buttocks. Cellulite is caused by the buildup of fat cells under the skin; although people of all body types can get cellulite. Typically, collagen fibers located between the skin and muscles keep the fat cells separated into “pockets”, but over time skin can lose its elasticity and thickness, revealing these “pockets.”

With the use of a bamboo rod over specific areas of the body, like those prone to cellulite, can encourage lymphatic drainage (the process through which waste and excess fluid are filtered out of the body). In turn, this stimulation is reported to provide a diminished visibility of cellulite, if only temporary.

Massage also works to stretch muscles and remove muscle adhesions, which can also contribute to the appearance of smoother skin.

Increasing Cellulite Reduction Results

Overall, cellulite exists in the body—its just a matter of it becoming visible over time or through other circumstance. Topical agents, such as retinoids or cellulite creams with caffeine, are recommended to assist in reducing cellulite. The products work to increase the amount of collagen present under the skin, allowing the space between pockets to become less noticeable as well as improve circulation of the area it is applied to.

Using these products regularly may provide mild to significant improvements to the look of cellulite; although everyone’s body is different, and results can vary.

If preferred, you can take a more natural approach and apply an herbal blend of turmeric, black pepper, and ginger as these are known for assisting in improving blood flow and minimized edema (water retention and swelling)—issues that can affect the visibility of cellulite.

Additional Benefits of Bamboo Fusion Massage

There is more to a Bamboo Fusion Massage than an aesthetic improvement to your skin Many other benefits also include:

  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Improves sensory nerve perception
  • Providing a sense of relaxation
  • Relief from tension
  • Targets muscle adhesions, or “knots”

Whether you need ultimate relaxation, treatment of cellulite, or a deep tissue massage, the Bamboo Fusion massage at Brandon Essentials is an ideal choice to meet your needs. Call or schedule your appointment online.

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