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Back and Chest Waxing

Back and chest waxing is a cosmetic procedure at Brandon Essentials that uses body wax to remove unwanted hair from the upper body. The type of wax used during our process is a soft wax, which is applied to the skin very thinly and a muslin strip is applied on top of the wax to remove the hair.

What Does a Back or Chest Waxing Entail at Brandon Essentials?

The waxing process begins with trimming your hair to a length suitable for waxing, typically about one (1) inch in length. Waxing shorter hairs helps to reduce pain and ensures 100% removal of all hair on your chest or back.
The soft wax is applied to the trimmed chest or back hairs in a thin layer. A muslin cloth is placed over the wax and peeled back. Any waxy residue left behind is cleaned from the skin and a topical moisturizer is applied to soothe the skin and reduce redness.
This process takes less time than shaving the hair with a razor, and it is not as messy as applying depilatory cream. Waxing also prevents any hairs from being missed and lasts much longer than just shaving.
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Does Chest/Back Waxing Hurt?

Like with any waxing application, individuals may feel some pain or discomfort, especially if it is your first application. Most individuals relate the feeling of getting waxed to that of ripping off a bandage. After the first waxing session, some minor bumps or redness may appear, but should only last for a day or two. As you return for continued applications, your skin will get used to waxing and you will hardly ever see these side effects.
The Brandon Essential estheticians are well versed in waxing all parts of the body and can complete the waxing process quickly, efficiently, and with minimal discomfort as possible.

Benefits of Chest and Back Waxing at Brandon Essentials

Removing your chest and back hair has many advantages. Aside from improving your overall look, body waxing is also common for athletes, especially swimmers and body builders. The removal of hair from the body can help swimmers glide through the water more efficiently. And bodybuilders opt for hair removal to highlight their musculature and enhance their tautness.
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