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Appointment Prep: What To Do Leading Up To Your Brandon Essentials Spa Day

You’ve set your appointment, and you can’t wait for your spa treatment! Time set aside for just you to take care of your skin, hair, nails, and/or body. As the date approaches, you begin to worry about what you need to do before your appointment—do you need to skip shaving before your wax, remove old polish, or wash your hair? The preparation questions can be endless, so we are here to address your concerns!

Nail Salon Appointment

Whether you are coming in for a pedicure or a manicure, there isn’t much you need to prepare, except for a few small tips.

  • For either service, please ensure any nail acrylic is removed prior to your appointment. We do not remove acrylic.
  • To avoid a surcharge, remove any old gel polish before your appointment.
  • We can remove old nail polish; however, it is recommended to remove the polish before your appointment to minimize leftover acetone on your nails. Even if you wash your hands after using acetone at your appointment, some residual acetone may be present and affect your new nail color application.
  • When you receive a pedicure, your feet and calves will be massaged with exfoliators and lotions, so if you have sensitive skin, we recommend not shaving right before your appointment to reduce irritation.

Hair Salon Appointment

During your hair appointment, your hair stylist will need to review your hair in as close to its “natural” state as possible. This means clean of any gels, oils, or hairspray and completely dry and unstyled.  By reviewing your hair in its natural state, your stylist can use sight and touch to help make recommendations on products, styling, coloring techniques, and more! Your hair can be washed the night before your appointment to ensure all hair products are removed but it shouldn’t be washed right before your appointment or left wet.


For body massages, we recommend maintaining your daily general hygiene and preparing for your comfort level for disrobing. If you are not comfortable bearing all—even under a sheet—you are not required to. Guests may disrobe to their comfort, although we recommend removing at least your shirt to allow the massage therapist to provide you with a proper massage.

Facial Appointment

The most important thing to keep in mind before arriving for your facial is to ensure your face is clear of products, including cleaners, acne treatments, and make-up. Your esthetician will need to review your skin as close to its natural state to make the best recommendations for care and treatment.

Body or Facial Waxing Services

For facial waxing services, we recommend skipping the use of products the day of and arriving with just a clean, fresh face. This will prevent any product interactions or unnecessary irritation and make sure the wax can adhere to your hairs.

As for body waxing services, the same rules apply as listed above; adding only to not apply deodorant the morning of or allowing time to wash any off if your appointment is late in the day.

In addition, since hairs on the rest of the body are often longer than those on our faces, we recommend trimming body hairs to about a quarter of an inch. Longer hairs, when waxed, can be more painful. Short hairs are easiest for waxes to adhere to and remove with minimal irritation.

Spa 101: Maintaining A Spa Environment With Spa Etiquette

Luxury spa days aren’t on everyone’s regular calendar, so how does an infrequent spa-goer know what the basic rules and spa courtesies are? Well, here is a little SPA 101 to help clear the air so you are ready to relax at your spa appointment—and not all worked up before it even begins.


As a courtesy to other guests, please maintain a quiet level of conversation while in the spa.

Cell Phones & Electronics

It's time to relax! So, once you’ve checked in—at our front desk and/or on social media—silence your phone or turn it off. Cell phones are a major distraction and stress inducers. So, put it in your pocket and focus on yourself!

Food & Drink

For the courtesy of all our guests, outside food and drink are not allowed in any of the reserved rooms or spa locations. Guests are asked to finish beverages or snacks before checking in.


Please arrange for childcare prior to your appointment. Minors under the age of 18 are not allowed in the back areas of the spa unless they are partaking in scheduled service and cannot be left in our front lobby.

Arrival Time

To maximize your time spent being pampered, we ask that you arrive before your scheduled appointment to prepare for your treatment(s). First-time clients should arrive at least 15 minutes before a scheduled appointment to fill out a treatment form.

Our goal as one of Brandon’s top rated spa is to provide all our clients with an exemplary experience—and to do so, we do our best to accommodate all needs and provide a relaxing and comfortable spa environment. One that requires the assistance of our guests to maintain. If you have questions regarding our spa policies or spa etiquette or would like to book your next spa day, give us a call!

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