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Overall, body image perception among adults is overly alarming. These fears are primarily assumed to come from within the female population, although more and more men are admitting to their own fears as well. Research conducted by the University of the West of England actually reveals that just as many men have anxiety about body flaws or imperfections. From this research, 80.7% of the 397 men surveyed talked badly about their appearance—their weight, lack of hair, or having too slim of a frame; while only 75% of the women said similar things about their own appearance.

But what does all of this have to do with a day spa? Well, helping our clients feel great about their overall wellbeing is one of our top priorities. We also provide services to help reduce the anxiety that men and women feel about themselves. One such service is our massage options.

Did you know humans are social creatures and can benefit greatly from another’s touch? Research has shown that, of the body’s senses, touch is one of the most powerful aids towards physical and mental health. Even if you only get an occasional massage, you can still enjoy the benefits of a massage.

Massages provide benefits across the board, regardless of your body type. Getting a massage can:

Many describe getting a massage as a way to “let go” or “get lost” in the comfort a massage can provide. This is more than just a relaxed state; a massage can provide true phycological benefits by helping an individual to release the negative thoughts or concerns that they may be harboring and to dive deep into the therapeutic aspect of the massage. Enjoying a massage, especially regularly, can help you reconnect with your body and learn to experience it in a more positive light.

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