Women are known for frequent changes in hairstyle—modifying the cut, color, or style. While hair changes are temporary, it eventually will grow back, it is possible to for drastic changes to go wrong and leave you feeling upset. Our stylist work with each client to go over their hairstyling requests and may make recommendations based on experience and the tips below to ensure your new look goes exactly as desired.

Know your face shape, hair texture, and match hairstyles that accentuate your features. The exact same hairstyles can look differently from person to person due their face shape and/or hair texture. If you are unsure which look is ideal, there are several apps that will allow you to “try on” different cuts, colors, and styles. When gathering inspiration for your new ‘do, look to others with a similar facial structure and hair type to help ensure it will look similar on you. You can also discuss potential styles with on of our hairstylists.

Select a hairstyle that suits your lifestyle. Your hairstyle is a representation of who you are, and it should also work with you and not against you. So, if you have a busy lifestyle or are often rushed, you should consider styles that will require low maintenance.

If you are very undecisive on what hairstyle to select or are planning a very drastic change, you may want to schedule a one-on-one consult with one of our hairstylists. For your consultation, you’ll want to arrive with clean, dry, and unstyled hair for an accurate examination and recommendation.

Ensure you are ready to make the commitment if you are going for a more drastic change. There is no going back if you cut several inches off of your hair or opt to dye your strands. Making a spontaneous change may boost your confidence and help you feel like you are getting a fresh start but there is nothing worse than salon regrets.

Be honest about your hair products—including if you skipped your last appointment and used a boxed dye to cover up your roots. Certain products, especially hair dyes, may require a stronger salon dye. We promise to limit our lectures about box dye if you are forthcoming with the products you have used. By letting us know your true hair history, we can accommodate and make the necessary corrective actions to ensure you walk out of our salon with the look you were hoping for.