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5 Surprising Benefits Of Lymphatic Drainage Massages

Our bodies naturally build up toxins and waste throughout the day on a regular basis. These unwanted wastes and toxins can put a strain on your lymphatic system, which also directly affects your immune system. The lymphatic system will get rid of these toxins by transferring lymph throughout your body's organs and tissues. This clear, yellowish fluid known as lymph plays a big part in how immune your body is to infections and diseases.

To grow a stronger immune system, lymph needs to have an active flow in your body in order to eliminate these toxins and waste. A lymphatic drainage massage is a great way to activate your lymph and allow your immune system to grow progressively stronger. This massage will stimulate the lymph flow throughout your body through gentle movements. Light pressure and long strokes help to move the lymph fluid to your organs so that can successfully get the toxins out of your system. The masseuse will improve your body's blood flow and re-stimulate the lymphatic system through this massage.

5 Benefits of a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

1. A Lymphatic Massage is known to improve your immune system.

A lymphatic drainage massage targets the lymph nodes in your body. Lymph nodes are found under your arms, in your groin, around your breasts and under your throat. Lymph nodes are responsible for cleaning your blood and massaging these areas of the body influences blood circulation to these areas, which leads to cleansing your blood. This massage can detoxify your body of toxins in your blood. If you are currently suffering from an infection, the flue, dull skin or body inflammation, one lymphatic drainage massage can make a world of a difference.

2. Lymphatic Massage reduces stress, fatigue, and anxiety.

Massages are well known for being stress relievers, but a lymphatic drainage massage takes stress relieving to a new level. How pressure is applied to certain areas of the body in this kind of massage alleviates soreness, cramping and pain instantly. Those who struggle with anxiety, depression, panic attacks and lots of stress are strongly urged to look into this kind of massage because of how relaxed it leaves its clients.

3. A Lymphatic Draining Massage can help with breastfeeding.

New moms can benefit from a lymphatic drainage massage too! Studies have done show that about 92% of new mothers experience some kind of pain and uneasiness when breast feeding. A lymphatic drainage massage can reduce nipple swelling as well as improving the flow of the nipple ducts to help with any stoppage or discomfort.

4. Lymphatic Massage leaves your skin looking blemish free, and glowing.

Some of the world’s most popular beauty gurus and models swear by lymphatic drainage massages. Why is that? Lymphatic drainage massages are known for reduces skin conditions like acne, eczema, and can reduce scars appearances on your skin. This massage is an aid to the pores of your skin, and with oils that are applied during the massage, your skin is left feeling hydrated, smoother, and glowing!

5.  A Lymphatic Draining Massage can help with chronic pain and migraines.

Those who suffer from migraines and any type of chronic pain know how harsh they can get. Lymphatic drainage massages are great for getting rid of that pain. Regular weekly appointments of this massage can make this pain stop for good! The signals that send pain to your brain with such high intensity are reduced through this massage and, when regularly tended to, they can eventually stop the feeling of these pains.

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