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5 Steps For Healthy Skin

Our skin is more than what we look like on the outside. The skin we were born with protects us from harmful factors that we would not be able to survive without skin such as moisture, extreme temperatures, the sun's rays, and germs. Our skin is our largest organ and protection for our body, so it's important we take care of it.

In most cases, people aren't aware that their skin isn't in the best of health, so starting from there, it's important to first improve the health of your skin. Implement these tips in your everyday routine to see great results. After you've improved your skin health, kick it up a notch by coming in to get facials and massages for an overall boost to your skin's health.

  1. Always protect your skin from the sun. If possible, avoid too much sun exposure. Although the sun provides vitamins that are beneficial to your skin, too much intense exposure to the sun can burn your skin, dehydrate it, withdraw vitamins from it, and over time can break down the skin, causing sagging and obvious signs of aging. If lengthy exposure to the sun is unavoidable, make sure to use a good sunblock. One with UVA and UVB and an SPF of 30+ is best to prevent sun damage.
  2. Use multiple methods for hydrating your skin. Drink lots of water, of course, and invest in a good quality moisturizer to use all over your body and one for your face, too. Dehydration causes the body to provide more oil to compensate for the lack of water, which causes breakouts, irritation, and dry patches.
  3. Another great way to take care of your skin is to eat a healthy diet. Think fruits and veggies! These foods provide tons of vitamins, healthy fats, natural sugars, and an abundance of water to provide hydration. Food products that are pumped with saturated and trans fats, sodium, mucus-causing dairy, artificial sweeteners, and plain zero nutritional value can harm your skin more than you may realize. Your skin needs good quality natural foods to be able to reflect a glowing, smooth, and overall healthy appearance.
  4. Being gentle with your skin is important to reduce irritation, avoid tears and acne, and keep your skin hydrated. When cleansing your skin, use an exfoliator up to twice a week, and don't scrub your face too hard. The skin on your face is much thinner and more sensitive than the skin covering the rest of your body; it's not necessary to be rough when cleansing your face. Cleansing is simply to remove dirt from the surface. When touching your skin and face, try not to scratch its surface too much as this may also cause small tears allowing dirt in allowing acne to form.
  5. A good quality facial or massage performed regularly can help melt away stress, improve circulation, moisturize skin, and help maintain great skin health.

It's never too late to start taking care of your skin. Protect it as it protects you and you will see a glowing reflection of your hard work

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