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5 Reasons To Gift A Spa Experience

This holiday season, instead of the traditional route of presenting material gifts to those you care for, consider more thoughtful gift-giving by offering an experience in place of more “things.” While today’s culture often depicts the “normal” holiday experience as one that is unwrapped, studies have shown that gifting an experience may actually make people happier and more satisfied.

An experience gift provides two points of excitement: the “unwrapping”—or the learning of the gift—and when the gift is actually experienced. Plus, if you want, you can also count the anticipation between the unwrapping and the fulfillment of the experience.

So, this holiday season, consider the gift of a spa or salon experience for someone in your life. We have gift cards that can be purchased in any amount and used for any spa or salon service, enabling your giftee to enjoy any experience they desire.

A further look into the satisfaction of experience-giving shows the following benefits:

Excitement For The Future

A study published in Psychology Science revealed gifted experiences garner happiness even before they happen—pleasant anticipation. The study asked people to describe how they felt about a physical present and an upcoming experience that was gifted. The answers showed a higher level of excitement about the pending experiences.

More Value From An Experience

This study discovered two things when surveying what people thought they would feel about a material gift compared to receiving an experience and then asking how they felt after receiving/experiencing each. The first discovery was the majority reported they imagined they would like the material gift more and it would be better value for money. The second discovery was the original assumption was wrong. Most people reported enjoying the experience more than they originally thought and more than the material gift—and the money spent was worth it.

Enhanced Social Connection

Many experience gifts, even those offered by Brandon Essentials Spa and Salon, can be experienced by a couple, a pair, or in a group. Not only can the giftee build memories, but they can build them alongside a loved one. Gifted experiences provide enjoyment for all parties—during and after—while material gifts are typically only enjoyed by a single person, which can contribute to the overall satisfaction of experiencing a gift.

Experiences Don’t Invoke Jealousy

It is common for people to discuss the gifts they received over the holidays. Because of the misconception of value and importance on material things, experience gifts rarely invoke jealousy or a need to compete (“one-upping”) during discussions or showing off of gifts. Typically, when someone shares about an experience, other people are happy for them and enjoy hearing about the experience.

Memories Last Longer Than Things

While a new watch or sweater may exist longer than an experience occurs, the memory of the experience (and the feelings recalling it can evoke) will last well on into the giftee’s life. People are inherently subject to a behavior called the “hedonic treadmill”—we get used to the pleasurable things in our environment quickly. So, the flashiness of the new watch, the delight in the comfort of that new sweater—it’ll fade with time. Memories of an experience remain special and can become more special over time, especially when the experience is shared.

Giving the gift of Brandon Essentials Spa and Salon provides the benefits of an experience gift besides the well-known perks of relaxation and pampering our Spa and Salon is known for. When you want to provide the ultimate gift—and experience a gift at that—look to Brandon Essentials. We have spa packages for individuals, couples, and gift cards available for use on any service.

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