Working out, going for a run, or partaking in a sport can take its toll on the body in a number of ways. Muscle soreness and muscle knots are the most common but there are other areas that may be affected and a day at the spa may just be what you need to fully unwind, relax, recover, and prepare for another athletic fueled day.

Here are five of our massage options that are the perfect solution for any athlete facing muscle soreness, knots, myofascial adhesions, limited range of motion, or muscles tightness.

Sports Massage

The Sports Massage stimulates circulation of the blood and lymph fluids while loosening knots that build up in frequently used muscle groups. Can help improve range of motion by loosening up sore or tight muscles.

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Neuromuscular Massage

Also called “Trigger Point Therapy”, this massage is an effective treatment for back and neck pain caused by soft tissue injury (such as a muscle strain)  and muscle knots through the application of alternating levels of concentrated pressure on the troublesome areas.

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Raindrop Therapy Massage

A great massage for runners, swimmers, and similar athletes. This massage option integrates the benefits of essentials oils with a variety of massage techniques including back massage and heat application for ultimate relaxation.

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Bamboo Fusion

A twist on the traditional deep tissue massage using warm bamboo rods to quickly penetrate and relax the muscles. Let your massage therapist know where your trouble areas are to target and release those knots.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Type of massage that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for athletes who suffer chronic aches and pains from routine muscle movements.

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