Trying to figure out the right skin care routine for yourself can be challenging. While most of us know to do the basics – properly cleanse, lotion, moisturize, and use SPF on a daily basis, there is a lot more that goes into creating a proper skin care routine. Choosing the skin care routine that is right for you is a continuous process that evolves based on your type of skin, lifestyle, your specific skin care goals, and your budget. When determining the best skin care routine for you, you should work with a licensed esthetician who is a specialist in skin care to ensure you are getting the best products for your lifestyle and budget and are also getting the maximum benefit out of the products you are using.

Here are the top four questions you should be discussing with your esthetician about your skin care routine:

What is the best skin care routine for me?


There is no one skin care routine that is right for everyone. The skin care routine that is right for you is going to be based on a number of factors, especially your lifestyle. Today, most people are juggling a lot of commitments on a daily basis – getting children to school and extra curriculars, performing your best at work, caring for your parents as they age, taking care of pets, feeding your family, cleaning your home, spending quality time with those you love, and so much more. With such busy lifestyles, many people are only able to commit five to ten minutes in the morning and night to their daily skin care routines. If this is the case for you, make sure your esthetician knows this. You also need to make sure your esthetician knows the realistic budget you are willing to invest into your skin care routine. Your esthetician needs this information to help you determine the skin care routine that is going to fit into your lifestyle and budget while also helping you achieve your skin care goals.

How long will it take before I start to see results?


This is a great question to ask your esthetician both about your daily skin care routine and any procedures your esthetician is performing. As we age, our cellular turnover cycle changes, which means people in different age groups will start to see the results of their procedures and skin care routines at different times. When we are younger, our cellular turnover cycle is close to three weeks, but as we age this timeframe expands and eventually reaches closer to two months. Any skin care products you are using will need time to penetrate deep within your skin below the layers of dead surface cells. Your esthetician may recommend using a natural resurfacing product such as glycolic acid, which will gently remove the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin and encourage them to be replaced by healthy, new cells.

When should I make changes to my skin care routine?


As we said before, developing a skin care routine that is right for you is a continuously evolving process that is determined by many factors. At different points in our lives we are faced with higher levels of stress than other times, increased or decreased levels of hormones, and general aging – all factors that impact our skin, and thus our skin care routine. For example, as a woman ages and gets closer to menopause, hormones that have been pretty steady for a considerable amount of time will begin to change and may cause adult acne breakouts, skin pigmentation changes, and development of fine lines and wrinkles. If she continues to follow the same skin care routine she used prior to menopause, she will not continue to enjoy the same level of results. As our bodies age and change, so must our skin care routines. It is best to work with your esthetician on a regular basis to ensure your skin care routine is up to date for your situation.

What products can I use that won’t cause skin irritation?


The reason there are so many different types and brands of skin care products available is because the one that is perfect for one person may cause irritation to another person who has different skin factors. To minimize your risk for skin irritation, you should aim to select high quality skin care products that are free of parabens, dyes, and unnecessary fragrances. In addition to choosing skin care products that are free from these damaging things, you should also check your makeup products to make sure they are not counter-productive to the skin care routine you have chosen.

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