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10 Things to Start Doing to Extend the Life of Your Essentials Manicure

Getting a manicure can leave you feeling so good about your nails, but a week after your appointment, you may be feeling different. Color fading, chipping and lack of shine can all be avoided with the following tips and tricks. Here are some ways to keep your nails looking like they are fresh out of the salon...

  1. Don't use hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer dries out your skin, cuticles and nail beds, and can strip your topcoat. Soap is harmless. Take the time to wash your hands instead!

  1. Keep your nails hydrated

Nail polish is known for dehydrating your nail of its natural moisture and oils. Tip: Soak your nails in vitamin E oil at night and use cuticle oil on your cuticles. This will keep your nails hydrated and protect them from any further damage.

  1. Distract yourself from imperfection

Keeping your manicure on as it starts to fade, and tear is a struggle. Distract yourself from dingy nails by covering chipped spots with glitter or turning chipped off parts into a French manicure with some white nail polish.

  1. Stay away from hot water

Very hot water can cause your manicure to peel off. To save your manicure from chipping by keeping  hot showers short and not at extreme levels of heat.

  1. Use sunscreen

Apply sunscreen to hands, fingers and elbows after baths or showers. This will keep your skin safe from harsh UV rays and keep your skin hydrated.

  1. Reapply topcoat

Reapply a topcoat to your nails every few days to keep the shine and protection to the paint for lasting color.

  1. Take care of your cuticles

Verses painting over your cuticles or clipping them, push them back with cuticle oil.

  1. File your tips

If the edges of your nails begin to chip or rub off, here’s a trick. File them down and apply another coat of paint onto the "fresh edge".

  1. Only soak your fingertips in the acetone

If you are removing your manicure, only soak your fingertips in acetone or use cotton balls with acetone to remove the paint. Acetone should only need 15 minutes at most on your nails to remove the polish.

  1. Wear gloves while doing housework

Washing dishes or using harsh cleansers when cleaning can cause wear and tear to your nails. Use rubber cleaning gloves to protect that pretty manicure.

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